Sunday, December 1, 2013

This Christmas, we wrap presents . . .

Christmas is my favorite time to be a blogger! 

 I've done some version of "25 days of blogging" or "12 days of Christmas" the past couple of Decembers.  So to start it off right ... a little question for the readers.  Does anyone else get so excited over holiday giftwrap?  I love ribbons and bows, gift tags, decorative adornments, etc - AND I love when they all coordinate.  This year I'm using wordy paper and plaid in traditional colors.  The plaid is a Hallmark pattern and the other two were purchased from my nephew's school fundraiser.  The gifts in the photos are for children so I didn't add any complicated ribbon or ornaments to the packaging, those are usually added only to adult gifts - but at least I can show the color scheme.

 And just for fun, because I'm a crafting amateur ...
My mom doesn't read my blog so I'm not afraid to share it. My mom sang this little rhyme to me when I was small and I thought it would be sentimental.  This fun vinyl quote from Groopdealz a few weeks ago and I framed it the same way they displayed it in their promotional picture.  I purchased the frame at Michaels on Black Friday and used a piece of scrapbook paper as the background.  The deal has expired but if you are interested in the quote it is available here.  I love the way it turned out - I usually get my mom very practical gifts per her request and I'm excited to surprise her with something unexpected.


  1. that is not a crafting ameteur piece!! you rocked it!!! total pro!
    and you are a fabulous wrapper. i....lack in that skill department. terribly. the corners KILL ME. truth.
    merry merry, sweet friend! xx

    1. Thanks, I love the way it turned out. I worked at a boutique in SC for a couple of years and had to improve my wrapping skills. Mine still aren't perfect but definitely better. Always buy the wrapping paper with the grid on the back, it's the only reason I'm willing to pay extra for Hallmark paper. It's thicker too, much easier use.