Monday, December 23, 2013

This Christmas, we hosted a party...

Happy Christmas Eve Eve!  I wanted to share a few photos that R took a couple of weekends ago when we hosted our first Christmas party.  It poured rain that night so not everyone wanted to make the drive into town, which was a major let down, but everyone who came seemed to have a great time.
 I hadn't shared the wedding portrait that we purchased a couple of months ago, I'm in love with it and it helps break up the space of a huge wall we have in the living room. My cat's scratching disk made it into this post, just to keep it real.
 Upstairs shot of the tree and the Santa table that I borrowed from my mom.

 We asked guests to bring a bottle of wine to share.  This was taken before anyone arrived so we set out a few bottles to get the party started.  I loved the invitation so much that I framed a copy on the right, they were purchased from TinyPrints

 R snapped this picture before everyone arrived.  I love this sweater dress that I bought on black Friday from The Limited.
 Our spread.
 Baby was dressed for the event.  We used her snowflake collar as a skirt and she wore her party pearls - much quieter than the clinking of her usual dog tags.
Happy Christmas all!  I will probably pop by tomorrow early in the day and post a quick one just for fun.  I'm so excited to have a few days off work.  We have a fabulous brunch and dinner planned for tomorrow and I'm so excited to have a quiet night in with the hubs before the madness of Christmas day travel.

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