Saturday, December 14, 2013

This Christmas, one tree just isn't enough...

This year R got his own tree.  And here she is, standing proudly at the top of the stairway...the very first thing you see when you walk in our home. I realize we need to get creative about hiding that ugly cord, electrical outlets are in short supply in this town house.
 A little bit closer.
 We purchased this tree at Home Depot this year and I think it was a steal for the price.  The base is a great weight if we wanted to use this outside.
 His ornament collection is mostly sport related or the annual Hallmark plane and motorcycle.  He has them all dating back to 2005.
 Ortiz on our tree, right underneath the Red Sox bow.

 I purchased ribbon and used my Bowdabra to make a pretty topper.  My mom found this fun ECU elf and I thought it would make a fun addition.
I love it!  I've never decorated a "theme" tree before so I'm glad we were able to use his whole collection.

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