Monday, July 30, 2012

Wedding Chore Update

So this is my "master to do list" for my wedding.  I wanted to share it on my blog so that I can update everyone on my progress.  I have seen this on several blogs but I based mine on Megan's from Fried Green Pickles.  It's a rather long list that I'm tackling one list at a time so bear with me.  The items crossed have been completed and the items that are highlighted are on the list for August.  I will be reposting monthly as a update to my readers and also a reminder to myself.

Set a date

Book venue

Book photographer

Book Music and lighting

Decide on bridal party

Book caterer & bartender

Create wedding website

Register for shower

Book florist

Purchase wedding dress

Purchase bridal accessories

Rent linens

Take engagement pictures

Select bridesmaid dresses

Select groom & groomsmen attire ß bowties and vests are still needed

Book cake baker

wedding coordinator guidebook

Buy cake knife & serverß registered for it at Belk

Order save the dates

Send save the dates

Book officiant

Pre-marital counseling ßOctober

Order guest book

Finalize guest list

Obtain guests addresses for invitations

Order cake topper

Decide on videographer services

Hotel room blocks

Rent hotel rooms for March 22 and March 23

MOB & MOG dress shopping

Find wedding shoes

Find wedding jewelry

Book makeup artist & hair stylist

Reception menu tasting

Hair, nails, tan for bridal portraits

Take bridal portraits / hair & make up trial – Scheduled for October 18th

1st dress fitting – Scheduled for August 20th

Bridal portrait bouquet

Final dress fitting

Make ceremony programs

Practice Carolina shag

Write out escort cards

Find 10 glass milk vases

Pay venue for ceremony chair set up

Order invitations

Address invitations

Mail invitations

Book rehearsal dinner venue

Buy Rehearsal dress

Buy sparkler for send off

 Find hair accessories for FG

Decide on bridesmaids shoes

make table numbers

make cake stand

Buy groomsman gifts

Buy FG and RB gifts

Reader and coordinator gifts

Bridesmaids gifts

Bachelorette party outfits

Bachelorette party

Buy gifts for mothers

Bridal shower attire
Bridal shower

Shower thank you notes

Shop for wedding bands

Purchase wedding bands

Create wedding day timeline

Put together picture list for photographer

Buy drinking straws

Buy mason jars

Bridal Makeup trial

DIY signs for reserved seating

Engagement photos framed for auxiliary table

Book a salon for day of wedding

Makeup for MOB

New passport?

Decide on setup for cocktail table décor and purchase accessories

Escort card display and welcome sign

Purchase alcohol for reception

Get marriage license

Create signs for sparkler exit and favor

Book transportation from reception to hotel

Book honeymoon

Honeymoon outfits

Bridal luncheon invitations

Bridal luncheon favor

Decide who will return reception rentals

RD invitations - FMIL

RD groom's cake - FMIL

Final vendor payments

Music selections to band

Order thank you notes

Hair, nails, tan for wedding

Ring cleaning

Pack for honeymoon

Wedding announcement in News and Observer

Walk down the aisle & say I do!

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Stress, breakouts, and a sick computer

Have you ever had a hard week?  I'm talking about one that never ends...

I had a hard week about four weeks ago and things have gotten worse.  I'm trying to remind myself how blessed I am daily (even hourly) but I'm really hoping things will look up soon.  I haven't posted in a while because my computer was infected with some funky virus and lots of money later I have it back good as new (literally because they restored it to factory settings).  I got the virus from a recent Adobe update so I'm hoping my readers will be super careful.  R and I have a lot on our plates with my new position at work, moving in a few months, and planning our wedding.  I thought wedding planning would be my greatest source of stress but honestly I think it has been my stress-relief. 

We registered last weekend and went ring shopping today.  I'll be posting a list this week of all the wedding chores we have accomplished so far.  I saw the idea in a few wedding blogs that I've been reading and even though I'm behind in my updates I would like to add it to future posts.  I've also been doing a new face routine that I would like to share.  All the stress from the recent few weeks were causing frequent breakouts so I tweaked a few of my products and now everything is under control. 

I'm hopeful that thing will get easier soon.  I definitely think things with work will slow down soon and R and I will figure out whether or not we need to move (at least we have some time left on our current lease and the best landlord ever).  Meanwhile I will try to post more frequently.

Is everyone enjoying the olympics?  I've found myself to be more patriotic the past few days!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Engagement Photos Session One

Will Stricklin from Levasseur Design took our engagement photos this past weekend.  I don't have all of them back but he put a few on his facebook page as a preview.  I'm so excited about them!  We still have one more session with him so we can get a few pictures on our college campus.  Those will likely be taken in two weeks.  It was hot hot hot outside when we took these and our dog didn't really want to do anything but pant.  We had to put in her in the truck with the air condition on and of course high quality bottled water....she is such a diva dog! 

These photos were taken at a local park and downtown.

 This brick wall belongs to the bar where R and I met in 2004.  The name has changed but the outside of the building is the same.

Big Life Decisions

Hello All!

I have not forgotten my blog.  This past month I've made some very big decisions and I really haven't felt much like talking about it.  But I can officially share my news...

I've been offered a new job!  I'm still in dialysis and technically still working for the same company (or rather the much bigger company that just purchased the smaller company that I worked for).  I will have to move for this job...ANOTHER move.  I'm so sick of it and I can't wait to purchase a home and make it all mine.  I will be closer to my family and Russell and I have several friends that we will be able to see more often.  I also will not have to commute as far as I do now.  We are hoping to move by October 1 but there is a lot riding on getting ending our current lease by finding our landlord new tenants and of course we have to find a new house to live in.  R will be having several discussions with his boss about a job transfer as well.  So really thats all...

1.  Plan a wedding
2. Find a new house
3. Find new tenants so we can end our current lease
4. Move to new house
5. Start a new job

Oh. My. Goodness.