Sunday, July 29, 2012

Stress, breakouts, and a sick computer

Have you ever had a hard week?  I'm talking about one that never ends...

I had a hard week about four weeks ago and things have gotten worse.  I'm trying to remind myself how blessed I am daily (even hourly) but I'm really hoping things will look up soon.  I haven't posted in a while because my computer was infected with some funky virus and lots of money later I have it back good as new (literally because they restored it to factory settings).  I got the virus from a recent Adobe update so I'm hoping my readers will be super careful.  R and I have a lot on our plates with my new position at work, moving in a few months, and planning our wedding.  I thought wedding planning would be my greatest source of stress but honestly I think it has been my stress-relief. 

We registered last weekend and went ring shopping today.  I'll be posting a list this week of all the wedding chores we have accomplished so far.  I saw the idea in a few wedding blogs that I've been reading and even though I'm behind in my updates I would like to add it to future posts.  I've also been doing a new face routine that I would like to share.  All the stress from the recent few weeks were causing frequent breakouts so I tweaked a few of my products and now everything is under control. 

I'm hopeful that thing will get easier soon.  I definitely think things with work will slow down soon and R and I will figure out whether or not we need to move (at least we have some time left on our current lease and the best landlord ever).  Meanwhile I will try to post more frequently.

Is everyone enjoying the olympics?  I've found myself to be more patriotic the past few days!

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