Saturday, April 30, 2016

Baby Favorites - Part 3 Travel

Of course I'd start writing about our family's favorite baby items over the last year and get two posts in before a rather long pause.  I love reading about other bloggers favorites and wanted to put in my penny cents worth.

Ava bear is not the best traveler, day trips are okay, short trips are okay, but she thrives on routine and familiarity.  We have a few trips planned this year and I'm hoping that she will do much better now that she's a little older but as for the first year these were our necessities.

1.  Covered Goods nursing wrap.  If you are going to nurse then you need this scarf / carseat wrap / nursing cover / high chair cover.  I love the stripe one but they offer a variety of basic and seasonal styles. The fabric is super soft and easy to wash.

2. Diono Ranier, we chose to convert Ava out of an infant seat at 9 months.  We owned the Britax B ready travel system and the infant seat served it's purpose.  It was light weight, easy to use, and has good ratings. But this convertible seat is super durable, super heavy, definitely a bigger learning curve but I trust it.

3. Britax B agile stroller. Again we have the travel system but I love the stroller, turns on a time, lightweight, and easy to fold and unfold. I love that the back is padded and she looks comfortable in it. We have a bumbleride and a McLaren but I still like this one the most. I think as she gets bigger, the McLaren will probably be favored for it's more compact size but she is too small for it to be comfortable now.

4. JJ Cole changing clutch.  Once it's full it will take up the bulk of the space in your diaper bag but I love that it's the only thing I need for diaper changing AND it can be used one handed. I keep about 4 diapers in mine with one of the Huggies portable plastic zippered wipes packets and some Wet Ones.  I keep handsanitizer and diaper bags hanging off the convenient. Oh and it's big, big enough to cover those Kangaroo stations from side to side.

5. Tula Baby Carrier.  My print has been discontinued but I adore the design.  Worth every penny.  It's comfortable for me and for Ava.

6. Wet Ones.  Buy them in bulk.

As for diaper bags, you won't find them under my favorites.  I own two...this one (in a discontinued Poppy print) and this one.  I carry both and they serve a function.  I also carry a variety of totes and it all works the same.  I think a SAHM may get more use out of an actual diaper bag though, unless you plan to use it as a daycare bag as well which I find very inconvenient. For daycare they can only have certain things in it, anything labeled "keep out of reach of children" can't stay in the bag - so, no first aid kit, benedryl, tylenol, teething tabs, hand cream, etc.  Also any rash cream, snacks, etc are kept in the kiddo's cubbie.  I like to keep my bag packed at all times with these items, extra food, extra snacks, etc so editing it daily would be a pain. I like to keep a packed bag in my car or close to the door to grab when we go on errands and she has a separate tote just for daycare that only includes a couple of outfits, seasonal items such as a jacket and hat, and anything she needs to refill her cubbie. Since most of our days are work, daycare and home we just don't use the diaper bag as much as I thought we would - but the two I have are very nice and I could give my recommendations.

That's it, now to learn all about travel needs with a toddler... and I promise I'll try to get all our baby favorites posted before her 2nd birthday (Ha!)

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Happy First Birthday Ava Rose!

I planned a cute get together with family and friends for Ava Bear's first birthday...nothing elaborate but I had an actual "plan" for how it would go.  And then we had awful weather.  It poured rain all morning and we weren't able to set up the party until 10 minutes before start time.  Several guests and family had already arrived and helped us get everything in the yard just as the sun came out.  It wasn't perfect but it was a fun afternoon and thanks to my sister in law I have a lot of pictures for Ava's baby book.

I used this book as my inspiration for the party colors.  Ava loves balloons!

She also loves bubbles so of course we had to get a bubble blower which would have been much more effective if it hadn't been so windy.

I lucked out on the perfect invitation from Tiny Prints, here is the sample from their blog:
And i can't forget to mention the best embroidered shirt and tutu set from TwoLittleDovesBoutiq on Etsy.

The actual party was on April 2, the day after her birthday.  We had three flavors of cupcakes, Chick fil a nuggets, my aunt's amazing pimento cheese and a big fruit salad.  

"Vintage" birthday month beanie baby bear...anyone else have one of these?

The ribbon garland is the only real "pinterest" addition to the party, some of it was actual scrap that I had in my collection and it took about 20 minutes to make.

This was Ava's second time having icing and she didn't like it.  I think it was her third attempt at cake and she didn't care for it either.  She was however, mesmerized by the sprinkles and kept picking them up and handing them to me.  She tried a little ice cream and LOVED it.
Ava got a lot of "favorite" gifts...I think she has enjoyed playing with her new dollies and her little people most.  She received a fancy all terrain wagon and loves being pulled around the cart path in the afternoons.
Our best girl had a great time at her party and made out with some great swag to boot!  Happy birthday my beauty, I'm so glad I get to share it with you (and we celebrate the whole month long)!

Friday, April 1, 2016

My Birthday Girl...

Happy Birthday to my little beauty...

my little pook pook, rootie toot toot, tiny sweet dream, my everything

It's been a wild ride of a year and I can't wait for a lifetime of first times and best times with you.