Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Engagement Photos Session One

Will Stricklin from Levasseur Design took our engagement photos this past weekend.  I don't have all of them back but he put a few on his facebook page as a preview.  I'm so excited about them!  We still have one more session with him so we can get a few pictures on our college campus.  Those will likely be taken in two weeks.  It was hot hot hot outside when we took these and our dog didn't really want to do anything but pant.  We had to put in her in the truck with the air condition on and of course high quality bottled water....she is such a diva dog! 

These photos were taken at a local park and downtown.

 This brick wall belongs to the bar where R and I met in 2004.  The name has changed but the outside of the building is the same.

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  1. Those turned out very nice! Love that you took your pictures with your doggie!