Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Big Life Decisions

Hello All!

I have not forgotten my blog.  This past month I've made some very big decisions and I really haven't felt much like talking about it.  But I can officially share my news...

I've been offered a new job!  I'm still in dialysis and technically still working for the same company (or rather the much bigger company that just purchased the smaller company that I worked for).  I will have to move for this job...ANOTHER move.  I'm so sick of it and I can't wait to purchase a home and make it all mine.  I will be closer to my family and Russell and I have several friends that we will be able to see more often.  I also will not have to commute as far as I do now.  We are hoping to move by October 1 but there is a lot riding on getting ending our current lease by finding our landlord new tenants and of course we have to find a new house to live in.  R will be having several discussions with his boss about a job transfer as well.  So really thats all...

1.  Plan a wedding
2. Find a new house
3. Find new tenants so we can end our current lease
4. Move to new house
5. Start a new job

Oh. My. Goodness. 

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