Monday, December 2, 2013

This Christmas, we enjoy scents of the holiday . . .

My favorite Christmas candles are usually purchased at Bath and Body Works on Black Friday.  A few days before Thanksgiving I saw a deal where 3 wick candles were $11 each so I bought them a little earlier than usual.  Here are my picks:
Snow Day is a clean, pine fragrance.  It has a very "woodsy" smell combined with vanilla and maybe a little mint.  I like this one for the kitchen.
Winter Fig - my favorite candle of the bunch.  It's also hard to describe.  B&BW describes it as fig with spruce and sugar.  Truthfully I don't know what a fig smells like, I love figs but I can't recall a special smell.  I love the spruce in this though.  Ah, I had to light it as I was writing this post because I love it so much.  I can see myself buying another one before the end of the season.
Flannel is a clean, slightly woodsy and slightly musky scent.  I probably won't use this until January. I loved this one the first time I smelled it in the store.  I'd like to buy the home spray too, it's such a cozy smell.
I bought this Spruce Holiday Spray from a local boutique but it can be found here if you are interested.  It has a bright woody smell that is perfect for spritzing on your faux tree or garland.  I spray mine every afternoon when I get home.  
I love picking out holiday candles, unfortunately I can't spend a lot of time in fragrance stores because I get headaches from too many scents.  I'd feel safe choosing these every year, that way I'm in and out.  Have you found a great new scent lately?  I love home fragrance and I love suggestions!

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