Tuesday, December 31, 2013

A Party Hat For Your Pet

A word of warning.  I am not a crafty person, I have more flops and failures than successes so I don't make attempts often.  

We are headed out to greet 2014 at a friend's house tonight and Baby was invited to join us.  I wanted to make her a festive hat to wear because, really, how often is your dog invited to a party.  She is such a tolerant dog.
 I started with some pretty scrapbook paper, ribbon, and some gift pom poms in coordinating colors.  I used an oval piece of wood to help make my shape but you could use any oval tray to trace.  It should look like a triangle with a rounded bottom like the picture on the right.
 Make a cone shape and hot glue the sides together. I attached the ribbon using hot glue as well.
To attach the pom pom I cut corners off the adhesive strip so it is more of a round shape and then I molded it with my hand until it formed a little dome.  Then I put a generous amount of hot glue in the center of the dome and shaped it again over the top of the cone until the glue set.  The entire project took about 10 minutes and cost just under $3.  Don't forget to admire your work on the furry head of your choice.

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  1. Baby is the sweetest in her festive hat! We had so much fun with all three of you. Best way to welcome the new year!!! xoxoxo