Friday, January 10, 2014

Five on Friday

I'm baaaack...

I took a blogging break after the holidays mostly to work on projects for my job and also to enjoy some downtime in the afternoon with hubs.  I chose to make my come back just in time for my favorite weekly meet up -

1.  NYE.

I haven't blogged about our welcome for the new year.  We spent the night with my best friend and her husband - they cooked a fantastic meal and we played cards for humanity with only a brief interlude to watch the ball drop.  Wine, beer, and champs were had by all.
2.  Leg Warmers.
If I could have picked any week to have off work, this would have been it.  With chilly temps around the country I realized that I do not have the wardrobe for this - no down parka or wool tights for this girl.  I've stuck to layering and my legwarmers were a God send - I've worn a pair every day underneath my work slacks.  Oh and Uggs.  I still hold true that "Uggs are Uggly" but I have them, I wear them, and my feet stay warm.  It's a love hate relationship that I also have with Danskos.  All my other attire stayed the same, just in layers...but the legwarmers were functional, not just a fashion statement.
3.  This soup.  We cooked a ham for our New Years dinner and I didn't want to waste that yummy ham bone.  We boiled it up and made a retro classic, Ham and Bean Soup.  I loosely followed this recipe but I added every vegetable that we had in our house (because I didn't want to waste them).  We added a ton of celery, carrots, and a lone potato.  It was scrumptious.  PS - this is the picture from, my soup wasn't nearly this photogenic.  We devoured at least two bowls each as we watched the Star Wars Holiday marathon last weekend #geek, #iamyourfather.
4. Rehab Addict.  I love this show.  I love old houses.  I love seeing a girl being taken seriously, but you should since she is normally wielding a chainsaw, a nail gun, or a Bobcat.
5.  Clinique's Acne Solutions.  I purchased this sampler from Sephora in early December and I like it so much that I will be repurchasing.  The lotion has that weird Clinique smell....ANYONE who has tried the Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion knows what smell I'm referring to - like an overly chemical, processed smell.  That is the only complaint I have out of all three products though and the smell is fleeting, thank goodness.  I love the toner, my pores look so much smaller after I use it.  The face wash is not overly drying and does a decent job at removing my makeup.  I use the face wash and toner at night and I use my Murad AcneFree face wash in the morning followed by the lotion included in this kit.  I still follow with a light daily lotion because it's winter and winter is not kind to my skin.  I used the 3 step skin care system for probably 10 years and I was always pleased with it - I think I got bored when I was in college and wanted to switch up my skincare.  

I hope everyone has a safe and happy weekend!

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