Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Office Inspiration

Our priority for the first part of 2014 is to get our office in functioning order.  Right's clean but not functioning as a proper office.
Here it is in all it's unfinished glory, a picture taken the weekend before Christmas (see the gifts on top of the printer?)  Oh and that lamp doesn't belong in here.  It's the partner lamp to the one in our living room, I went ahead and bought two since our plan for the den includes two new side tables, for now it lives in the office but that's why it is still covered in plastic and not plugged in.  I would like to find a similar style mercury class lamp that is shorter for this room.   Yep, and before anyone comments, we know we need new drapery rods...the windows are so close to the corners of the room that we don't have space for any decorative ends.  We kind of threw this room together in a hurry after we moved in.  It urks me that the windows are so far apart, so I spitefully kept it uneven.

I have had that desk since 2007 when I rescued it outside my apartment's recycling area.  It is well made with quality wood...but it is scratched and badly needs refinishing.  We are thinking of painting it black or rich mahogony.  Here is our inspiration picture:
I love the colors in this room.  That rug is fantastic and I love the drapes.  I tried to recreate the chair last year with a clearance TJ Maxx find, R and I finished it with nail head trim.  My desk doesn't have the pretty decorative molding or the fancy hardware and it only has one central drawer.  However - my desk was free and this exact one is not in the budget this year.  I swapped out the old brass pull for a glass bulb knob to match the bookcase and I love the simple change.

I love this gallery wall of botanical prints and I hope to recreate it behind the desk.  We bought a metal filing cabinet so we can organize all the paper that we seem to be accumulating.  I'm not looking forward to this task but I will be so happy when its done.
I'm using suggestions from organization websites like this one to help me decide what tabs I need.  I have so much to sort through...all our wedding planning items, old bills that need shredding, wedding and shower cards to store, etc.  

Now how do I make R's golf clubs prettier?  I usually don't "pose" my pictures but I may wheel them out for future updated photos.

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