Friday, January 17, 2014

Five on Friday

I'm late to the party today...

better late than never, no?

1.  Random Thursday three hour afternoon nap.  No explanation needed.  However it is my excuse for why I didn't write a post last night for the link up.  I needed it!

2. Williams-Sonoma Cocoa Pot.  I got this on super clearance and our local store still has quite a few left.  It's the easiest way to warm milk and get the chocolate to completely melt.  Bonus you can use the whisk on the inside to froth milk before adding coffee for a latte.  Fancy.  I bought some hot chocolate too while I was in the store, it's pretty delicious...not the best that I've ever had but definitely close.

3.  Hubs cooking dinner.  I make a lot of our meals and I can throw a meal together in a blink.  Hubs takes a different approach, he plans the meal, looks up recipes, and does the shopping just to do it up big.  Tonight is edamame, pork and shrimp dumplings AND cookie sundaes.  Seconds please!

4.  This website.  No really look at it...

If you are like me and trying to get our house organized for 2014 as one of your resolutions, this lovely lady has it all together.  She is a professional organizer with a lovely home.  I'm using her suggestions this weekend to work on our pantry.

5.  The Perfect Chair.  Oh where are you?  I'm looking for a pair of chairs for our living room to coordinate with our new couch.  I like the shape of this one.  It's definitely in the running, top three for sure.


  1. That chair is super adorable! I think it has great shape and a wonderful design.

    1. Thanks! I totally second guess myself with furniture purchases. There are a few local furniture stores that I haven't checked yet but so far all I've seen is boring dark patterns and loud "waiting room chair" patterns. Finding a couch was easy...chairs, not so much.