Thursday, December 12, 2013

This Christmas, I'm crazy enough to take on a home project...

I have new curtains!

After months of searching for the perfect set of bistro curtains for my kitchen I gave up and decided that I would have to settle for something lacy or flimsy with a fruit or rooster pattern.  I couldn't find one set of "normal" or "modern" curtains in the right size.  And whats up with the weird valence size?  Why would I want one small strip of fabric across only the top of my window? Is that even worth the cost of the rod?  

I had leftover fabric from my dining chair upholstery project and I knew exactly what I wanted to do with it.  This is the only window in the house that our landlords didn't order custom blinds for and it faces the parking lot where our neighboring town home residents can look in on us.    No thanks.  

I picked these instructions for "beginners" but I use the term loosely.  I'm the type of "beginner" than doesn't own or know how to operate a sewing machine.  I enlisted the help of my super patient and super helpful sister in law.  She folded and stitched these panels in a couple of hours.  She added a lining using some white cotton fabric I picked up at Walmart which took a little more time.  Other than that she mostly followed the instructions.  

We hung the panels using drapery hooks purchased at World Market and I think they are perfect!  We painted the walls white recently (to get rid of the UGLY pattern) and these curtains give the room more color.

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