Friday, August 2, 2013

Updated Dining Room Chairs

I was going to post this last night but R and I had too much fun watching the Red Sox game at a local sports bar.  He now has Fridays off and I have some PTO to take so I decided to today off and spend some time with him.  I'm going to try to follow a blog "schedule" with a theme for each day of the week. Thursday is my "home" related day so I wanted to share a small project that R and I completed that made such a big difference in how much I enjoy our dining room.  We reupholstered our dining room chairs.   I couldn't find a before picture of a chair (without someone sitting in it) but think plain tan tweed.  It was a basic "go with anything" look but I really wanted some color.  We are still in a rental house and our walls are mostly white, except in the dining room where there is odd, red dragon fly print wallpaper underneath the chair rail.

Here is the Waverly fabric I chose:
It's a faded coral color, red enough that it looks okay with the wallpaper in the room but much softer.

R and I used this tutorial.  I consider this a two man job, one of us held the fabric in place and the other controlled the staple gun.  We reattached black canvas fabric to the bottom of the seat so you can't see the coral edges.  And here is the finished product:

I finished the project with two complete coats of scotch guard fabric protectant.  I purchased too much fabric so I'm going to use the rest to make some cafe curtains for my kitchen - I love this pattern and I think the color could brighten up that room as well.

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