Thursday, August 8, 2013

Our Desk Chair Got Fancy

I purchased a nice Parsons chair from TJ Maxx on Clearance for $69.99.  It was the perfect color and the perfect shape but I wanted it to be a little more "fancy" so I purchased several packs of silver nail head trim from Amazon.
 R helped me so much, it is tedious work so he would work for a while and then I would take over.  The task itself is simple enough, place the nailhead where you want it and press lightly, then take your hammer and hit straight down.  If you angle the hammer at all you will bend it, we ruined a whole pack of trim because not every hit was perfectly straight.
Here is a close up shot - I'm impressed with how straight we were able to get the line.  We used the natural seam of the fabric as our guide.  We placed the trim all along the seat of the chair as well.  I'm hoping to debut the finished product when we redo our desk in a few weeks.
This project is easy - but if you are thinking of decorating with nail heads buy more trim than you think you will need (and then buy more than that) and set aside a good amount of time to work on it.  We finished our project quickly because we took turns.  And don't get too frustrated, once you are in the groove the process is much better.

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