Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Weekend Review

We kept this past weekend flexible and lighthearted.  No big plans, no deadlines, and very little money made for a very enjoyable time.  I will mention that R's grandmother has been in the hospital so we didn't want to commit to any plans without knowing what might happen - we are still being updated daily on her status.  For my spiritual blog readers, we appreciate any prayers sent our way.

On Friday I was exhausted when I came home for work so R took over dinner.  He has Fridays off now so he was well rested and prepared to make a great meal.  It was fancy too - chicken cordon bleu with gruyere cheese and proscuitto instead of ham and cheese.  
Saturday was a rainy mess.  We watched 2 (3?) movies and caught up on our laundry.  It was a great, relaxing day.

On Sunday my niece had her ninth birthday party at a bowling alley.  I scored a great deal on Groupon for 2 pairs of shoes and 2 games for R and I.  We weren't positive that we were going to be able to make it but I'm glad we did and it was a fun evening.  A few photos:

Yuck - bowling alley lighting is terrible.  I know I skipped my weekly self tanning but I don't think I'm that ghost-like in real life.  How professional does my hubs look in his bowling pose?  He is by far a superior bowler but I was happy with my score as well.  I'm glad any time I break 100, especially when it has been so long since the last time I practiced.  The kids had a blast, many of them threw the balls like basketballs which was really cute but I was afraid it would break the guard rails.  My niece favors the "granny" roll :-)

We finished our Sunday with a country drive and a grilled pimento cheese dinner.  I love laid-back weekends!

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