Friday, August 2, 2013

Giving it a try, my Friday Five.

There are 8 bloggers on my reading list that contribute to the Friday Five link up and I like to give into this kind of peer pressure.  Thank you ladies for consistently week after week encourage other bloggers to link up, I love any girl that welcomes a new face at her table.  Here are five things that I'm loving now.

One - The Little Bra Company.  I'm petite and sometimes the fit of traditional bras is just "off", I never realized that it's because the cups are placed too far apart for someone with a small rib cage.  I ordered four new bras from this company on a whim and I love the fit!  I still wear my normal size but I get much better shape and minimal padding.  I also found a strapless bra that doesn't slide down during the day!

I'm a lady so I will spare you pictures of my new underthings but they are packaged "burrito" style in bright pink paper with the sweetest little label "Good things come in Small packages".

Two - the Belk Bridal Registry Completion Event.  I purchased some fun goodies remaining on my registry at 20% during the month of July.  My mother also bought a few items that I will probably receive as Christmas gifts.  I think I've completed my informal china wish list, Portmeirion by Sophie Conran. I splurged on a couple of formal dining sets as well with some leftover wedding gift cards.
Three - L'Oreal Sublime Sun Sheer Protect Sunscreen Oil.  It can be messy to use but I love the beautiful shine, especially on my legs.  I use the Kiss my Face body lotion all over and mist this on my legs every 45 minutes while I'm outside.  It's moisturizing which I love because chlorine can be hard on my skin.
 Four - Chloe's Kitchen.  I am not vegan.  R is defo not vegan.  In our attempts to get more creative with our meals I purchased this cookbook based on Amazon ratings and reviews.  I LOVE IT!  We have dogeared several recipes that we want to try immediately.  I can't wait to try the dessert section, I bake more in the fall so I'm already thinking about all the new yummies I can make - Mocha cake tops the list along with Chloe's award winning cupcakes.
Five - Bigelow green tea.  R and I have been making a big pitcher of green tea every couple of days sweetened with agave. It's healthy, refreshing, and perfect for summer!

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