Friday, August 16, 2013

Friday Favorites

Linking up again today to showcase 5 favorites for this week, thanks so much to the four fabulous hosts!

1. Back To Nature Cookies
 I could live off of the chocolate chunk but R loves the creme filled (similar to Oreos).  We purchase at least a box a week usually.  If I'm not planning on baking something sweet then I like keeping them around.

2.  Summer Sangria - we use this recipe similar to the one served at Longhorn restaurants.  My friend Lindsay and I had their Peach Sangria several years ago and I tried replicating it.  I think R's attempt is much closer to the drink we had.  He made a big pitcher last weekend for Katie and I to enjoy.  Wine in general makes me drowsy so wine + sun = a very sleepy April.  

3. Lazy Weekends.
 The weather is unpredictable this weekend so we aren't planning on anything special.  We should have some quality netflix time, R wanted to watch the first season of House of Cards and we should have a video by Friday.   The real fun will come Sunday evening when we join my family for bowling at a local alley.  My niece wanted a "bowling" party with her friends so we are all meeting up for a game.

4. Summer Camp Reality Series
I have no shame when it comes to watching bad reality tv.  This show apparently received such bad reviews that it went from a prime Thursday evening time slot to a terrible Monday night spot after WWE RAW (you know, the wrestling show).  It's bad because RAW typically runs "over" it's allotted time so this show may come on at 11:05 or 11:15 and if you set your DVR to record it then you will be cheated the last few minutes.  I still like watching it.  I have picked my favorites and some of the challenges are entertaining though they don't seem overly difficult.  The winnings at the end have to be split 4 ways which brings the sum down significantly.  I love the idea of the show and I love tuning in for the drama.

5.  Essie Cute as a Button

Confession - over a year ago I saved a picture of this nail polish when it was suggested by another blogger.  I can't remember which blogger though, yikes!  I searched for it for months but it was discontinued and IT CAME BACK just time time for summer 2013.  I bought it around May but lately I've been reaching for it more and more.  With my faux summer tan, the color really pops on fingers and toes. *sorry for the poor quality photo, I was actually taking a picture of my new chain bracelet purchased from a local craft fair - easily "6th" favorite.*


  1. That color looks gorgeous on tan skin! I have heard House of Cards is SO good.

    1. Its definitely a top favorite for me! Thanks for commenting!