Thursday, August 15, 2013

The Boy Behind The Blog...A Link Up

We are coming in late on this.  Recently I found some a great new blog that links-up to showcase the special man behind the blogger and I always love to involve R in my posts.  These are the Round 3 questions and the link up is always on the third Thursday of the month.  Big thanks to the hostesses for setting it up and allowing us to join in!

**Disclaimer all thoughts and opinions expressed  here throughout belong to my husband, I will not censor anything***

1.  What would you do with $1,000,000?
I would go travel, someplace like Boston and hit up a few Red Sox games.  I might even take my wife on the Alaskan cruise she has been wanting.  Maybe a nice bottle of scotch, a few Cubans, and a round of golf.  

2.  What is your dream job?
I'd be a chef.

3.  Who is your celebrity crush?
Natalie Portman

4.  What is your favorite sports team?
Boston Red Sox

5.  What was your AOL/AIM screen name back in the day?
Navel84.  I was signing up for a yahoo email account because I forgot my password for another account.  I was eating a navel orange at the time and I was born in 1984.

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