Thursday, August 29, 2013

Discover New Blogs - my Leibster Award (big thanks to Ashley)

One of my newest followers, Ashley from Everything's Hunky Dorey, nominated me for a blog award.  I had a difficult day at work today so that email notification gave me a reason to smile and provided me with tonight's blog topic.
11 Questions for me to answer. . .
1. What is your favorite TV show currently on tv?  I'm addicted to Criminal Minds and Law and Order SVU.

2. How many children do you want?  Let's start with one child and see how it goes.  Ideally we will have two though.

3.  What is something you need everyday?  Me time.  I love spending time with my husband but I also love those precious minutes by myself.

4. Go-to exercise?  I love to run.  I'm not fast and I've never been in any races.  I just love putting in my earbuds and going for an afternoon jog.

5.  Where would you go on vacation if you could go anywhere?  Alaska, yep.  I can see a beach any day, Alaska would be magical to me.

6.  Favorite recipe to make?  HG Brownies...canned pumpkin and devils food cake mix.  When I need a chocolate fix, this works.

7.  If you could pick anyone, who would you want to spend a day with?  Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, and I'd like to spend the day in her closet.  I'm not even sure if this is my answer but I can't come up with anything else right now.

8.  Favorite kind of pizza?  Fig and prosciutto if I'm making it.  For takeout I usually just order veggie pizza.

9.  Favorite all-time movie?  I can watch Steel Magnolias on repeat.  And I sometimes watch it with the sound off...I can recite every single line.

10.  What is your least favorite household chore? Dishes. Wet food particles are disgusting to me.

11.  What was your favorite pet?  My Lilly cat of course.  She is fat and fluffy and low maintenance which is important to me.

11 Random Facts About Me:
1.  I prefer Pepsi to Coke.

2.  I love state and local fairs. R and I had our first real date at a county fair.

3.  I'm a major insomniac.

4.  When I laugh really hard, I snort.  This is R's favorite quirk.

5.  When I start watching past seasons of a "new to me" show, I become obsessed.  I'm sure R is tired of watching Pretty Little Liars at this point.

6.  I might be on time, I might be late, but I'm never early.

7.  I love DIY but I don't think I'm very good.  I may recreate several "pinterest" items but I doubt I'd be able to come up with an idea on my own.

8.  I have a black thumb.  I can't keep a plant alive to save my life.

9.  I don't care for coffee, I rarely drink it.  I don't care much for tea but I drink it often because it's healthy and sometimes I get tired of water.  Either way I get jumpy with too much caffeine.

10. I love any combination of chocolate and mint.

11.  I have some long commutes several days a month....I flip through radio stations like it's my side job.  For any passenger in my car, I'm sure this would be an annoying trait.

My nominees are:
Ginny @Buttergirl Diaries
Robin @Surviving Life and Grad School
Katie@ Sappy and Happy
Lidija@Mess of Beautiful Chaos

Questions for my nominees:
1.  Who is your favorite designer and why?
2.  What is your favorite weeknight meal?
3.  What is your favorite "current" song?
4. What website do you visit (almost) daily?
5.  Chocolate vs Vanilla (or any other flavor)?
6.  What is your most recommended wine?
7.  Lipstick, Lipgloss, or Lip stain?
8.  Favorite Pinterest idea - please link.
9.  Most prized possession?
10.  The thing you look forward to every week?
11.  Favorite vacation location?


  1. Thank you thank you for nominating me for this! :-P Someone else nominated me last week and I was actually getting my post ready and was going to nominate YOU! Glad we have mutual blog love ;-) Can't wait to play along, hopefully next week!

    1. LOVE know it means you have to answer 22 questions right? We will know you really well by then!

  2. Thank you for nominating me! Can't wait to participate!
    New follower and am loving your blog! :)

  3. Wow! Thanks for the nomination chica! I'll certainly try to answer your questions!