Sunday, December 22, 2013

This Christmas, we got "a little" tacky...

A local brewery hosted an ugly Christmas sweater party this weekend and we were so excited about going.  That was before I contracted the terrible chest cold of 2013...seriously I couldn't breath without breaking into coughing fits.  It was also before we discovered that a "sweater" party was on easily the warmest night of the last 3 months.  It's been t-shirt and shorts weather here for the past two days!  We still wanted to go and with no sweaters to wear we had to find a solution with no DIY necessary.  Target to our rescue.

Baby was also invited.
 I wish I had felt well enough to "plan" this one out better.  We went to Petsmart hoping for a pre-made sweater and found this adorable reindeer one.  Not tacky at all but it was the only sweater in her size.  She looked so cute in it and received a lot of treats and rubs from fellow party goers.

We took a picture early in the night...these shirts were our last minute festive finds at Target.  R found his t-shirt that has a hideous bell print on it for $1.50 on the clearance rack.  I'm wearing a long sleeve shirt with a cat wearing a beanie surrounded by snowflakes which cost a whopping $12. We were cool at least...because it was 75* and humid.
There were prizes for the best dressed dog (Baby came in third) and for the tackiest man and woman at the party.  Next year I'm hoping we can plan early and go all out.  It was a blast though and we drank delicious beer, played cornhole, and made new friends.

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