Friday, December 20, 2013

Five On Friday: Movie Nights

In years past I've shared my favorite Christmas movies...ones that make the season more festive.  Pajama clad evenings on the cough with glass of wine in hand and a bowl of popcorn (or a handful of BFF's butter cookies).  However there are other movies...funny ones...that I don't like missing out on either. This is certainly not an extensive list but here is my top five as has become Friday tradition.

Bad Santa (credit Columbia Pictures)
Truthfully I'd watch this one anytime of year.  Billy Bob is hilarious and it's a nice change from the sugar sweet movies commonly found on a certain "female friendly network".    Of course it has a heartwarming ending but a rather naughty storyline.
 Love Actually (credit Universal Pictures)
Another year round favorite.  Bill Nighy is pretty much the best thing ever in this move but watching Hugh Grant's solo dance routine is fairly spectacular as well.  It's one of my favorite movies and almost always my Christmas Eve pick.
 Scrooged (credit Paramount Pictures)
Bill Murray is a comedy king of my childhood.  This is a movie I had forgotten about for many years and now I adore.  Especially the ending, oh I wish I had seen this one in a theater.
 The Holiday (credit Columbia Pictures)
I watched this during the Christmas in July special on television.  Yep, so good I'm willing to watch it with steamy 101* temps going on outside.  I love every scene in this movie - especially the ones of the beautiful stone cottage in Surrey.  The very last scene is the best though - New Years with a few friends dancing and toasting the night away.  My best friend just invited hubs and I to spend NYE at her home and even our pup was invited.  I'm picturing a party very similar to this one except the reality will probably be more sloppy with off-pitch singing and barefoot dancing. 
 Home Alone (credit 20th Century Fox)
Will the kids of the 90's please stand up?  Wasn't this the greatest thing ever when it was released?  I saw it in the theaters and thought how fun it would be to be by myself in a huge house for a few days...maybe without the threat of robbers and not during Christmas because that would be kind of sad.

Oh I wish I could pick more than 5...Christmas with the Kranks anyone?  Christmas Vacation?  Four Christmases?  Fred Claus?  This list could go on and on and on!

Love this weekly party...

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