Sunday, December 8, 2013

This Christmas, we enjoy chilly weekends...

This weekend R and I had a lot of festive fun despite the cold temperature.  On Friday night when I got home we made hearty Italian Wedding Soup (recipe coming soon).  We snuggled up by the tree and watched A Muppet Christmas Carol.  

On Saturday we woke up and were greeted by these guys when we opened our bedroom drapes:

 We did a little shopping in Cary in preparation for our upcoming Christmas party and I was able to purchase some holiday bedding for our guest room for a steal.  We also took our sweet girl to see Santa Claws at Petsmart.  She didn't care much for him, she even refused the treat that Santa's "elf" offered her afterwards.  This year Petsmart is allowing you to take your own photo and the $5 "cost" is a donation given at checkout.  

 We met up with my mom in the afternoon to help trim her tree. We also went to our local light show, an annual tradition for my family.  There was a line for the train and it was a chilly wait.  R snapped a few photos to pass the time.

For Sunday Funday, I have work to do.  Not only do we have to finish getting our home ready for the party but I also brought home a project that I need to finish for work.  Why oh why did I wait until the last minute?  R's sister is coming over to help make curtains this afternoon too.  I have my heart set on these.  We'll see how they turn out.

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