Sunday, February 1, 2015

Bumpdate: Week 31

post is a bit late this week because I wanted to recap my baby shower

Size of the baby:  We found out that she is 3lbs, 7 oz at our 31 week appointment.  From here on out we see the doctor every two weeks.  Based on my phone app she should be the size of 4 naval oranges.

Total weight gain:  22 pounds, the doctor says I'm right on track and should put on a pound a week from here on out.

Maternity clothes:  All the time.  And it's getting a bit old.

Gender:  The balloon says it's a girl.

Nursery:  My husband has painted some bookshelves, is currently refinishing the nightstand, and I hung up all the baby clothes we received as gifts the night after our shower.  We still have a lot to do including stenciling the accent wall, finishing the dresser, and putting together a bookcase.  I really can't organize until I get some drawer space.

Sleep:  Great!  In general I'm more tired in the afternoons, not necessarily tired enough to nap but I could always sleep.

What I miss:  I don't think I missed out on anything this week either.  I'd love to be able to bend over comfortably and sometimes it's difficult to put on my boots.  

Cravings:  I don't think I had any this week.  I still love my orange juice and citrus in general.  I still love cinnamon gum and cold cereal but nothing that I absolutely HAD to have.

Other symptoms:  No breakthrough reflux this week!  Woot!  The doctor ordered reglan for me to take 4x each day and I've had no burning.  I have some discomfort when she moves a lot, I just think she's missing the space that she had a few weeks ago. Really though I have nothing to complain about - no stretch marks, no back pain, no ligament pain, no nausea, and thankfully no swelling.

Best moments: We had our 3D ultrasound this week and spending a half hour with our precious girl was definitely one of the best moments of this entire pregnancy.  This week we made our hospital packing list so we can go ahead and get our "go" back ready; I also made a separate list of things we need to get for the baby before she arrives.  We ended the week with our first baby shower and it was so much fun.  I don't want to elaborate much because I plan on doing a separate post but we were so blessed to have so many family and friends attend, and of course my best friend for putting in all the work as the host.

The month of February is very full for us!  I need to prepare my office and files for the clinician who is coming in to work during my maternity leave.  We also have our birthing class, new parent orientation with our pediatric office, a breastfeeding class, and our maternity photo shoot.  So busy and still so much left to do!

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