Saturday, February 14, 2015

When Hallmark comes out with a better card, then I'll buy it...

My Valentine.

To recap the story of us:
Girl walks into a bar and meets a boy.
A few dates later and the two walk away as friends.
7 years later...
Girl walks into a bar and runs into an old friend.
They date, get engaged, get married and then...
the best is yet to come.

So I've been meaning to do a post like this since I found out we were expecting.  So much of this blog lately has been about me and baby girl but the truth is, this pregnancy has brought R and I so much closer.  He has been a fantastic support throughout this time and I can't imagine going on this journey with anyone else.  A few of the things I appreciate most:

  • Foot, back, leg, etc massages...sometimes I just hurt and sometimes I cramp and he's on it.
  • He takes charge of afternoon chores, especially when I'm tired or when I have a headache.
  • He has been tolerant of every craving and every food aversion, this was most difficult in my first trimester when I couldn't look at certain foods.  He ate all the leftovers because I couldn't stand them.
  • He paints my toes.
  • When I have to make midnight potty runs and my hands are numb, he will wake up to help me out of bed.
  • In the first trimester when I was sleeping All The Time, he woke me up to eat dinner every night.
  • He has nearly completed the long, LONG "honey do list" for the nursery - including painting walls, refinishing furniture, organizing, and helping to assemble whatever baby item I've brought home.
  • He helped me plan the gender reveal - he just loved helped me make pom poms and enjoyed hanging them even more.
  • Every bump date photo is courtesy of his photo skills.
  • He has scrubbed, cleaned, washed, shampooed, dusted - whatever to this house and has not complained.
  • We have groceries in this house 60% of the time because he did the shopping.  I'm helping much more now but the first few months he did all of it because I couldn't be near a grocery store.
  • He buys me cinnamon gum, just because.
  • He has made a lot of the meals since I've been pregnant, sometimes he needs suggestions and directions but he does the work.  Especially the first few months.
  • He hates to read but he has read product reviews, parenting articles, and baby books.
  • He is a willing partner for all the baby classes and doctors appointments.  He hasn't been able to join me on the daycare visits but when I narrow it down he will be able to check them out.

He's a good man and I'm glad that he's mine.  I think he'll be a wonderful dad and I can't wait to see him in action!

Love you Hamp!

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