Friday, February 6, 2015

Five on Friday: All you need is love...

I wanted to do a love edition for my five on Friday share.  I love many things.  I love many people. I love to love.  For this post I'm going to share what I'm loving right now, more of a current favorites.

1. Preparing for this nugget.  I mean, look at that squishy face!

The nursery is coming along, it's not as far along as I'd hoped at this point but if we buckle down we can have it done before the end of the month.  That's our goal, we would like to be finished by March.  I've also made a list of necessities, not just for our little girl in her first few weeks to get us started but also a list of things I will need postpartum.  Our plan is to start chipping away at the list for the next two months.

2.  Our Maternity Photos

image via Pinterest

This is happening!  And it's happening next weekend, on Valentines Day!  I have our outfits selected and some props planned.  I'm hoping the photographer will have some ideas as well, we don't do well with "posed" photos - too awkward so I'm hoping she can work with that.  I've never used this photographer before so I'm a little timid but I've seen her work and her photos are really nice, very natural which is what we want.  If we like the photos then we plan to book her for the newborn shoot as well.

3.  Him <3 p="">

We've been married for nearly two years and he still makes me swoon.

4.  Spring Cleaning.
image via Pinterest

We are getting it done early and thank goodness.  I'm having severe nesting urges and somehow it's embedded in my head that I must clean every nook and cranny and organize every drawer and cabinet before I present a life to this world.  Not just at home, oh no.  I've extended it to my office(s) at work.  I wish I'd had this urge before I put on third trimester baby weight and before I was dog tired before 8pm every night. It feels so good to finish a task or a room though - like I've really accomplished something.  This baby is going to take over when she comes home, I know there will be baby items everywhere and I'm trying to find some space for it....she needs kitchen space, she needs some space for medicine, she needs space in the laundry room and of course we have to rearrange our bedroom so we can find a place to keep her bassinet.  This might be the last time I ever see our house this clean and arranged in a way that is "kid free".

5. My breast pump!

Want to know what I'm most excited for this week?  Since I'm 8 weeks out from my due date I can finally get my breast pump ordered!  I'm so excited, insurance is giving me a small chunk of change toward any pump the medical supply shop carries.  I'm leaning toward the Pump in Style Advanced (I need the case and the cooler since I'm returning to work) but I also like the look of the Ameda Purely Yours.  We used the Ameda years ago when I interned for WIC so I'm more familiar with it but the Medela seems super popular with ladies who work full time.  Both have pros and cons and both are well reviewed.  I have a big decision to make in the next few days but I'm thrilled that my insurance is going to help with cost.  Especially since I'll have to order an extra supply kit, milk storage, bottles and cleaning supplies for it.  My goal is to get it ordered by Wednesday.  I'm going to try and nurse as long as possible and that means starting early to build up my supply.  For years I've encouraged breast feeding and I've helped teach classes on it in the past.  I'd feel like a hypocrite if I didn't make the effort for my own baby.   I will give myself some grace if for reason it doesn't work out for me but it won't be for lack of effort.  I'm lucky that I have a supportive husband at home and a good set-up at work for pumping.  My supervisor is aware of my choice and is on board as well, it helps to have a nurse for a boss.

Oh and I love link-ups.  Especially linkups hosted by such lovely ladies.

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  1. Visiting from the link up :) Congrats on your precious lit'l one on the way!! Children are such a joy & blessing!! Have fun capturing this exciting season of life in your maternity photos next weekend! :)