Sunday, February 8, 2015

Bumpdate: Week 32

Size of the baby:  A head of lettuce, she should be close to 4 pounds

Total weight gain: 23 pounds total

Maternity clothes:  I'm rocking them.  I mostly wear pajamas at home though, I can't wait to get out of my full panel slacks at the end of the day.

Gender:  All bows...

Nursery: We are getting the last piece of non-nursery furniture out this week.  It's cumbersome and we had to find a new place for it.  R hopes to get the nightstand and dresser refinished this week, we picked up the paint and new knobs for both pieces.  I still have a lot to do for organization - she needs a place for bath supplies, medication, and feeding supplies but none of that will be kept in the nursery.

Sleep:  Anytime.  Anywhere.

What I miss:  Energy, normal movements are more exhausting now.

Cravings:  Oranges still.  Cinnamon gum.  Rice Krispie treats - my husband made me some extra large, extra marshmallow-y ones.

Other symptoms:  Well the reglan is working for my heartburn but it's giving me some other odd stomach issues.  I'm sleepy most days by 4-5pm but I'm also highly motivated to get things done.  I'm getting the typical third trimester anxiety and my nesting instinct is early.  Oh, and in the past two weeks I've been having more leg pain and leg cramps, not fun.

Best moments:  Slowly making progress on home organization 2015.  We are working double time to get ready for our girl's homecoming.  Oh and we had our birthing class this week hosted by the hospital where we are giving birth.  Money well spent in my opinion, we learned a lot of about the stages of labor, birthing positions, pain management, newborn care, and postpartum care.  The class is taught by a doula and we learned so much, especially R since he will be my coach and main support person.  She had a ton of professional tips and gave us some additional resources.  It was so much better than reading it in a book and we left a lot more informed.

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