Sunday, February 15, 2015

Bumpdate: Week 33

Size of the baby: A honeydew melon, about 4.5 pounds

Total weight gain:  24 pounds, on track with the doctor's goal

Maternity clothes:  It's getting old.  I miss having options and it's challenging to layer on the chilly days.

Gender:  A little belle.

Nursery:  So much is different, we may be able to share pictures soon.  R has almost finished the furniture, they need one last coat of poly and he is finished!  We are finally able get things in drawers instead of laying about the room.  R's mom is coming on today to finish the accent wall and then we can get the misc. painting items and tools out of the room.  Oh and I did a ton of wash this week - blankets, binkies, socks, hats, and her newborn layette along with her bedding and curtains.  I ironed her bedding, did you hear me people...I IRONED.  I hate to iron but clearly my daughter is worth it.

Sleep:  Yes, please.  I only have two comfortable sleeping positions but if I can get comfortable then I'm out like a light.

What I miss:  Just like last week, my energy level varies.  I'm a busy bee some afternoons and exhausted on others. It would be nice to get up off the couch, floor, bed, etc without moaning and groaning.

Cravings: I'm a simple girl, orange juice, cold cereal, and cinnamon gum.  I also had a strong, STRONG craving for a DQ blizzard - heath bar of all things and I'm not a giant fan of toffee.

Other Symptoms:  I feel heavy, it's hard to get up and down and sometimes I get short of breath. Oh and I'm still getting foot and leg cramps a few times a week.  I'm having more and more vivid dreams - one included being told my little girl is actually a boy.  Also a strong nesting instinct to just "get it done" - deep cleaning, organizing, and preparing this nursery for a baby.

Best Moments:  This week I did a ton of breast pump research and visited with some potential day cares.  But by far the best moment was our maternity photo shoot on Valentine's Day.  It was the perfect way to wrap up our 33rd week and I'm thrilled with the sneak peek that our photographer posted last night.

Speaking of Valentine's - we celebrated by working on the nursery, taking our photos, and having a delicious steak and shortcake dinner.  It was very low key and the perfect way to celebrate our last "holiday" before the baby arrives.
When this posts I'll be starting my 34th week....we are getting close to the end!

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