Sunday, February 22, 2015

Bumpdate: Week 34

I'm starting today's post a bit different, at 34w6d (yesterday actually) I started bleeding.  I have never been so scared in my life.  I couldn't think clearly.  My husband called my doctor's on-call line and one of the OBs met us at the L&D triage for a prenatal checkup.  After two cervical checks, an ultrasound, and 5 hours on monitors we were able to leave the hospital with orders for bed rest until I can be seen in the office on Monday or Tuesday.  We are fortunate that the really dangerous stuff was ruled out - I hadn't experienced any physical trauma, I'm not dilated (but I am 50% effaced), and I wasn't in any pain.  The most important thing - the baby was in no distress at all, she was a little ham actually showing off just how much she could move for the monitor.  The doctor said she couldn't rule out an abruption but it didn't appear to be.  I have to call first thing tomorrow to get an office appointment.

This scare has me thinking about this baby in an entirely different way and we are getting ready for her as if she can come any day.  R installed the car seat bases in both vehicles and we are getting a key made for the neighbor on Monday so our fur kids will be taken care of at a moment's notice.  Our "go" bags are mostly packed and I made a list of all last minute items that we need to grab - we are not playing around with our honey do lists anymore.

And back to the regularly scheduled bumpdate:

Size of baby - a pineapple, approx 5#

Total weight gain:  25#, probably from too much ice cream

Maternity clothes:  Over it.  I bought two nursing tanks this week to bring to the hospital and I'm looking forward to a wardrobe change.

Gender:  Our little love is a girl and she has a new nickname...Bunny!  Because she loves to thump, thump, thump my rib cage.

Nursery:  95% done!  We need a bookcase and it is finished!  Want proof?
BOOM!  More photos to come.

Sleep:  Some late nights and a lot of third trimester worrying.  And a lot of scary dreams, anything from running out of diapers to forgetting my baby in a public place.

What I miss:  Nothing really.  I went to a lingerie shower this week and rum punch sounded delicious but I was satisfied with a virgin version.

Cravings:  Cinnamon gum for sure.  Ice cream and chocolate milk have been favorites this week.  No nagging cravings.  After 5 hours with no food in triage I attacked some chicken salad with crackers though, you would have thought I hadn't eaten in days.

Other symptoms:  Fatigue, round ligament pain and shortness of breath.  I'm practically panting when I have to talk for several minutes.  I also couldn't stand for any rounds this week because I felt like my blood pressure was dropping and had some dizziness.  The RN checked my blood pressure a few times at work and it was normal.  I asked my OB about it at my appointment on Thursday and she said it was common for a women in late pregnancy to have feelings of oxygen deprivation even though there isn't anything physical wrong.  She told me I only needed to worry if the feeling was accompanied by chest pain or swelling.

Best Moments:   Hearing my baby's heartbeat after our little "scare".  Best. Moment. Ever.  All was well at our regular OB appointment, my uterus is measuring correctly, baby's heart rate is normal, and I was able to submit my script to insurance for my breast pump.  We got our disk from our photo shoot this week and I'm thrilled with the pictures.  Yessir we've already booked our photographer for a newborn session.

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  1. I am loving the colors you decided to go with in the nursery! So fun!!!