Tuesday, February 17, 2015


I'm so excited to share our maternity photos and when I get the disk I plan to do a picture heavy post.

We had a snow ice day and neither of us were at work.  We won't be so lucky tomorrow AND I have to get in touch with the hospital tomorrow to see if they are still having the breast feeding class I signed up for in my first trimester.  I'm really hoping it has been rescheduled since the weather may be bad again tomorrow afternoon.

Snowy, icy, sleet-y weather is really bad for me since I didn't splurge on a real "Winter" wardrobe.  R has been on dog walking duty.

My baby loves to be read to, she doesn't move for the whole story and as soon as I stop talking she starts rolling round in protest.

Oh the baby....she's getting big and it seems that she is getting upset that she is running out of space.

Her room is 90% done, there are a few small projects and finishing touches left on the list.

I have insomnia, this is new.  I don't always nap in the afternoon but I could take one if I stayed on the couch long enough.  This means that I can be very productive but it's often late at night or extremely non productive.

Our new parent pediatrician class was rescheduled for next week due to the weather.

I have been drinking chocolate milk like it's my job.

We finally finished our shower thank you notes.  Between exhaustion and the push to finish her room, that chore was moved to a lower priority and I feel bad about it but I'm so glad it's done now.

I'm having fuzzy brain like whoa.  Call it what you want but I don't always think clearly and sometimes I just forget what I'm doing or what I'm saying in the middle of it. I have a really hard time staying focused.  From what I've read this is normal but it feels very foreign to me.

I'm out for now.

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