Saturday, February 28, 2015

Bumpdate: Week 35

**Update from last week's story.  I went to the doctor on Wednesday (my Tuesday appointment was rescheduled due to snow) and I was cleared for work...Yay!  I have modified restrictions, no bending, lifting, twisting, etc but my job is not labor intensive so none of these are a problem.  I'm hoping to work as much as possible this month to get things ready for my temporary while I'm on leave.  The doctor couldn't narrow down what caused the bleeding from last Saturday but they think I may have had a partial abruption so for now we just have to wait and see and I've been instructed to call immediately if I see any more spotting.

Size of the baby: Large cantaloupe, about 5.5 lbs

Total weight gain:  26 pounds

Maternity clothes:  Every. Single. Day.

Gender:  Our daughter and I never get tired of saying it.

Nursery:  It's basically done, we still have to order the bookcase.  My MIL bought the baskets for it so I can go ahead and organize.  I still have one more shower this weekend so I may have to do a bit of rearranging depending on what goodies we receive.

Sleep:  I love to sleep!  My third trimester anxiety is worse at night and my mind races with fears, to do lists, and nervousness.  I pray and God quiets my mind enough to sleep but it takes a while.

What I miss:  Being able to comfortable breathe and getting off the sofa without assistance.  I missed working this week too.  Three days on bed rest made me stir crazy.

Cravings:  Chocolate milk!  Cinnamon gum! And one random craving for chicken wings in hot sauce.  Oh and give me all the tater tots!

Other symptoms:  Reflux, surprise surprise.  I have to take it easy these days.  I'm short of breath often and I'm having some lower back pain.  Luckily no terrible symptoms though, no nausea, no linea nigra, no stretch marks so far, no swelling, no extreme cramping or pain.  I do get Braxton Hicks and they are really annoying but pass fairly quickly.  My poor belly button is hanging in there, it's almost flat and shocks me when I look in a mirror.

Best moments:  Organizing for our nugget!  We made room for her bottles in our kitchen cabinet and room for her bath supplies in our guest bathroom.  It's amazing to see baby items popping up in all the rooms of our home.  One day it will be commonplace but for now it's new and exciting.  Oh and the diaper bag is packed.  Our hospital bags are packed.  The stroller and the car seat are in the car.  My breast pump is ordered.  And we met with the pediatrician on Monday.  Check, check and check!  I can't stop thinking about that sweet baby in the ultrasound last weekend, happily moving around despite the fact that I was laying in a triage bed scared to death that something might happen to her.  I can't wait for her to make an appearance but she needs to bake just a bit longer.

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