Friday, February 27, 2015

Five on Friday

Favorite Maternity Basics

Favorite Maternity Basics by carolinabelle84 on Polyvore

So today's five on Friday is going to be a bit different.  I wanted to share my favorite maternity basics.  I really didn't want to have an extensive maternity wardrobe because it's a hefty investment for a few months of wear.  My biggest suggestion is don't buy everything at once, the pants that are a comfy fit at 5 months might not be so comfy at month 8.  The second suggestion is limit your color palette.  Sure it's fun to have a wardrobe full of variety but it's way easier to have a few pops of color that can mix and match instead of having to make individual outfits.  Being pregnant in the Winter is great because I can use scarves and chunky jewelry for color.  Here are my top picks, straight from my closet:

Ivory Pintuck Maternity Blouse
$76 -

You need a pair of well fitting jeans.  I have two pairs of demi panel jeans (one boyfriend and one skinny leg) from Gap Maternity and they are awesome.  However, demi panel isn't as comfortable since my third trimester so for longevity I suggest these Indigo Blue from Motherhood.  The price is great, the fit is very comfortable for advanced pregnancy, and they are stylish.

I can not stress this enough.  Liz Lange tank tops from Target!  I plan to wear them even when I'm not pregnant, by far the best tank I've ever bought.  They don't ride up, and they completely cover my bra.  I love them so much I have five of them and wear one every single day.  I like to wear my belly support band over my tank and under my blouse for extra comfort.

Liz Lange leggings - I have the basic and the ponte knit, both are worth their weight in gold.  For a small price I have some nice opaque leggings that go with everything.  They also allow me to wear my leg warmers and boots for extra warmth on chilly days.  I'm tempted to wear these when I'm not pregnant too, they don't have a panel and are nice quality - no one would be able to tell they were maternity and they don't create the dreaded muffin top.

The most beautiful tops I have are from Seraphine from A Pea in the Pod.  I didn't pay full price though, Destination Maternity has sales often and I have been lucky to grab some at reduced cost.  I have several in different colors and they add some variety and "pretty" to my closet.  I think they are perfect for work and can easily be dressed up for evening.

Gap Maternity Modern Slacks are the best pants for work.  They wash really well and are perfect for wearing long hours at the office.  Not all pants have a comfortable belly panel that doesn't budge throughout the day and these maintain their shape and don't stretch as the day goes on.

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  1. I found the demi panel to not be as comfortable when I got bigger as well. One of my favorite pants was the Minnie pant from Jcrew, a little different with stretch on the sides. Sh...I still wear them ;)

  2. So cute! White House Black Market has cute tunics that I wore throughout my pregnancy and I still wear them even though my little one is 4 months old! Congratulations to you!