Monday, February 2, 2015

Our Baby Shower...

My baby shower was on the afternoon of January 31...and we were blessed with perfect sunny weather to celebrate my baby girl.  My best friend Katie and her mom put in the hours and labor to host the event.  I took photos early in the evening before the rest of the guests arrived so all the goodies aren't present but here was the general set up.  

Look at her gorgeous new light fixture!

She had a drink station set up in the corner.  I wish I had a photo of the delicious pomegranate punch she served!  She also had wine and water for everyone.

And an up close photo of the spread.  She had deviled eggs and three types of quiche - bacon and swiss, ham and gouda, and broccoli cheddar.  She also made yummy single serve containers of fruit salad.  Oh and ham biscuits - THE ham biscuits from Lady Fingers.  My husband loves them!

Such a pretty centerpiece!

After everyone feasted and chatted we moved to gifts.  We had both sides of our family well represented and several friends came as well.  My nephew sat in the sunroom and played a game while pouting that he was the only boy at the party.  Usually he loves being center of attention but on this day he wanted nothing to do with a room full of women.  The surprised look on my face below is thanks to the adorable knit mermaid skirt and "bra" that I had just opened - it will be perfect for baby's photos.  I really would like to have one in my size!

I received several creative gifts but this one was a pinterest-win from my friend Lindsay and her mom.  My darling girl now has her first umbrella along with sleepers, washcloths, and burp cloths. Other homemade gifts included a knitted blanket from R's mom and a scrapbook from Katie that I will likely do a separate post on.  Both of those gifts took quite a bit of time to finish.  I plan to use that knit blanket in the newborn photos.

More gift opening and a great shot of the corsage Katie picked up for me to wear.

We had a surprise gift mailed from Virginia - hence the look on my face.  I hate that I don't have a shot of it but it was a beautiful monogrammed pillow and diaper cover.

I love smocked dresses, my mom gave me two Petit Ami outfits that I love.  One was a light pink bubble dress and bonnet and the other was a darker pink gingham dress with diaper cover.

I couldn't begin to list all the goodies we received - our bunny's closet is nearly full!  And we received all sizes!  We got several monogrammed items including a newborn gown that I'm debating on using as our "going home" outfit.  Thankfully we got several things we needed - wipes, bottle brushes, swaddle blankets, burp cloths, and clothes hangers.  Along with several things we wanted - a piano kick mat, hairbows, books, and several East Carolina items.  My friend Starr gifted me with my diaper bag and after seeing it in person I think I made a good choice.  I had only seen it online and was a bit scared of the size.  My mother in law also gave us a necklace that she can add a pearl to at different points in our girl's life, it belonged to her so it has special value. Our car was very full on the way home and I was so grateful that all these ladies took time out of their schedule to celebrate our girl!

Oh hi there!  Yep that's a bit of a bump picture in the mirror.  I snapped a photo of the favors that Katie chose for the shower along with a display of the invitation.  She picked the OPI nail color in "It's a Girl!" with little baby pram tags.  The guests loved them!

The shower ran a bit late and I was exhausted afterwards.  R and I put everything away when I got home and now we have to start on our thank you notes - on this week's to do list.

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