Monday, February 23, 2015

All our bags are packed and we're ready to go...

The infamous What's in my Hospital Bag post.  Doesn't everyone do one of these!  I read dozens and dozens of blogs and Pinterest lists to decide what I needed, what made common sense to pack, and what we should leave at home.  I did more research on this one topic than I did my entire junior year of college.  It's been a while since I've had a hospital stay, and in past experience I never knew I was going to need to stay the night in the hospital so it was a quick phone call to mom with a list of what to bring.  But in this case I have some time to prepare for the inevitable and after our little "scare", I didn't want to put it off any longer!

So here they are:

This is our labor and delivery bag with a document folder and toiletry bag (both fit nicely inside the bag).

In our childbirth class we were highly encouraged to pack two bags so the black bag on the left is the one we need right away and the one on the right is the one we will need once we get into our recovery room. The little yellow chevron bag has baby items that are so small I'm scared they'll get lost, there is plenty of space in the duffle bag for it but I took it out for the photo.

But what's inside?

For L&D:

  • Mama -  dark robe, slippers, fuzzy gripper socks, earbuds, hair ties and chapstick (in my purse) 
  • Daddy - slippers, pajama pants and t-shirt
  • Snacks - gum, protein bars, lollipops, water, and coins/dollar bills for the vending machine
  • Toiletries - dry shampoo, 1 set of nursing pads (just in case), mini shampoo and conditioner, deodorant, body soap, face wipes, toothpaste, and contacts.  We have several items that need to be added last minute.
  • Suggestions from childbirth class -  a tube sock tied off with two tennis balls inside and a tube sock tied off filled with rice.  It was also suggested to bring an empty bag for any leftover goodies in our room. We packed all three.  

Documents: Book from childbirth class and paperwork for birth certificate.  My ID and insurance card easily accessible inside my purse.

For Recovery:

  • Mama - 1 set of pajamas, lanolin, 2 pairs gel pads, 4 pairs undies, 2 nursing tanks, 2 pairs of lounge pants, maxi dress and sweater for the ride home
  • Daddy - sleep mask, jeans and t-shirt for the ride home, long sleeve athletic shirt, 2 pairs of socks, 3 pairs undies, and ball cap
  • Baby Girl - baby book for footprints, nail file, 1 blanket, 1 swaddle, 1 sleepsack, burp cloth, hair comb, pacifier, 2 pairs booties, 2 pairs mittens, 3 hats (because I can't decide), going home outfit, 2 footed sleepers (just in case), and a carseat of course.  All of the items except the blankets are packed in the separate yellow bag.

Last Minute Items: Camera, ipad with charger, phone charger, makeup bag, hairbrush and comb, face soap for both of us, toothbrushes, my glasses, curling iron (just in case)

Maybe: Our own blanket and pillows in colorful cases.  We may or may not bring these but just in case I have two pillows dressed in dark gray pillowcases ready to go.  I usually bring my pillow anytime I sleep away from home.

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