Friday, January 30, 2015

Five on Friday: Babymoon Recap

We are back from a relaxing babymoon!  We chose to rent a cabin in Boone for several days...low key, relaxing, and the perfect choice for R and I to connect on our last few days before we enter a whole new world with an infant.  

We started our journey with a road trip.  Lady and I took our very first selfie!  We are a bit sad that she may not be able to join us on all of our future travels with a baby.  We will have space for a pup in our jeep but not in our car.  We love bringing her when we travel, it's good for her to get away from home and we love spending time with her.  She absolutely loved the mountains and her first romp in the snow.

We prepared our own meals in the cabin.  I preferred this so much to dining out out every meal.  We planned a menu did a big grocery haul - I'm so glad we did.  One of the days we were there the roads were extremely icy and we didn't want to come off the mountain.  This was the very best part of our vacation!!!  R and I love to cook together...we also happen to love to eat.

We saw some snow!  We saw even more rain, sleet, and was a "winter mix" as described by the weather channel.  It's been such a mild winter and we haven't seen anything white this year. Lady enjoyed it so much and it made for a pretty view.  The perfect weather for napping and cuddling.

 A wood burning fire place is the cabin's biggest and best feature.  R enjoyed building a fire every day.  We have always had a gas fireplace so this was a nice change.  Our fire pit hasn't had a lot of action since we moved into our townhome because we live on a hill so R has had severe fire withdrawl.  By the end of our trip he was an absolute pro.  Oh and it was yet another thing that Lady loved...we left her bed just left of the hearth and she was in heaven after her chilly play trips outside.

So we planned a spa trip and a fancy dinner out one of the days we were there.  Our plans had to change though - when we arrived at the spa, one of the massage therapists could not make it because of the weather and we were faced with the decision to come back in the afternoon or only one of us would be able to get a massage.  We decided to cancel for another time.  It was really icy and we had to travel on a curvy mountain, which may be completely normal for a lot of people but we don't drive in those conditions often and didn't want to chance it.  As the day progressed we decided to cancel our dinner reservations - it was just too comfortable in our lounge clothes by the fire to get out in chilly slush.  Below is a monochrome "bump" shot and pretty much my babymoon uniform - Liz Lange tank (complete with dog hair), cardigan, leggings and Ugg slippers.  I was actually trying to video our nugget kicking but she stopped as I was trying to film it.

That's it for the babymoon recap.  Basically we went up a mountain - enjoyed some quality time together and ventured back down the mountain to go home.  We did enjoy breakfast out a couple of mornings at Boone Bagelry, because it was on the way to the grocery store.  Other than that we were total hermits - books, movies, and games were our entertainment.  It was the best plan for us!

Hookin' up with these ladies, because I missed the fun last Friday.

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