Monday, January 19, 2015

Bumpdate: Week 29

Size of the baby: A butternut squash and she should be close to 3 pounds

Total weight gain:  19 pounds

Maternity clothes: Not really maternity but I finally bought new bras.  I had to go up a band size and I'm so much more comfortable now!  Normally I think of bras as an investment but I don't know my body will change before nugget arrives so I chose to pick up a couple of Maidenforms from Target and I'm thrilled with the quality so far.  And they are really pretty!  I'm trying to enjoy it for the next 10 weeks because I've researched nursing bras and they are certainly function over beauty.

Gender: pink pink pink

Nursery:  Not much progress since last weekend.  R hung some pictures on the wall and our mobile.  We took a few pieces of furniture to my moms to get them out of the room and brought back my childhood pine toy box which we are going to use for storage in her closet. My mom gave me quite a few quilts that were handmade by my grandma and some of my old baby clothes.

Sleep:  Great, I'm taking at least one nap a week too.  And it's not uncommon for me to fall asleep for a few minutes when R and I are watching a movie or show in the evening.

What I miss: Ha!  Shaving my legs, comfortably at least. It's really hard to paint my toes and shave my legs so I might have to rely on hubs for that. I miss my second trimester energy too, I can tell that I get tired much more often.

Cravings:  Holy peanut butter cookie craving, I nearly made a batch at midnight the other night. And ice cream, even in freezing temperatures I'm craving cold dairy!  Another weird one, I HAD to have Lucky Charms cereal this week, the crazy part?  I wasn't even sure what Lucky Charms tasted like, I don't remember the last time I ate them, and it's certainly not a common cereal in our house.  R bought two single serving cups from Target, good call because I don't think I'm a big fan.

Other symptoms: No stretch marks yet, fingers crossed!  No linea nigra either.  No swelling thankfully.  I'm slowing down, not sure if it's the weight or the pressure of the baby on my back but I have to take more breaks now.  I'm also out of breath fairly easily, I sit for my weekly rounds at work now and I can't talk for too long without a break.  I'm still taking Zantac and I prop my head up a bit more to sleep which seems to be keeping my reflux in check.  When I'm cleaning or standing for long periods I wear my maternity belt and it helps support my back - this thing is the jam!

Best moments: Shopping for the baby!  I purchased a few cute outfits for her and took advantage of the Nursery Event at my local PBKids to get even more goodies.  Oh and she found the top of my uterus!  She hasn't budged from my lower abdomen and this week it's like she looked up and realized that she had twice as much space to stretch out in.  Now I feel her everywhere!

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