Friday, January 16, 2015

Five on Friday

Woo Hoo for Friday!  And all the things that brought me joy this week...

I bought a belt.  It's not pretty, it's not fashionable but it is oh so helpful!  I got this jewel from Destination Maternity for about $30 and it's helped support my back this week while I'm rounding. I'll probably do a full review after wearing it a bit longer but first impressions seem good.  Wearing it does make you feel the need to urinate more (because of the pressure on your lower abdomen) and it's a pain to remove every time you go to the bathroom but if you're standing and walking for long periods it's a back-saver.

Yum yum!  R made this delicious deep dish pizza over the weekend and it was massive!  I've had leftovers several times this week.  R used the same crust recipe to recreate Pizza Inn's chocolate chip pizzert - it was really close to the original but we both decided we like it with thin crust better.

And then there was this.  A nursery sneak peek! And also to share our new glider/recliner that my mother in law gifted us (with the tag still attached-oops).  This room is certainly not finished but I'm happy to share this peaceful little corner.

Speaking of our baby girl's room.  We are attending a nursery event at PBKids this weekend and I'm so excited.  They are having a sale right now with an additional discount for the even RSVP. We also have some promotional money to use from my mother in law when she purchased our bedding on Black Friday.  I can't wait to buy Nugget some special goodies!

Oh and the last thing that makes me happy happy happy!  We booked a babymoon and we can't wait to plant ourselves in comfy clothes with no cleaning, no nursery tasks, no to do list, and no work!  We will definitely be picking up some Fre bubbly for the trip.

Fridays are for sharing...

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