Monday, January 26, 2015

Bumpdate: Week 30

Change of location courtesy of our Babymoon cabin!

Size of the baby: Size of a small cabbage, just over three pounds...

Total weight gain:  Up 20 pounds, though I'm not looking forward to that scale after all that babymoon eating!

Maternity clothes:  Nothing new and hopefully nothing more through the end of my pregnancy.  It was difficult in the mountains this week with no decent cold weather clothing, my regulars don't fit right now and I didn't want to have to buy a whole new Winter wardrobe. 

Gender: Our daughter!

Nursery:  No progress since we were away on vacation.

Sleep:  I love to sleep.  I went to bed early most of the week.  And naps, oh I love to nap!

What I miss:  I would have loved to have had some wine on our trip, my husband brought along a few that looked delicious.  It's harder to get up from the sofa, R had to help me several times this week.  It's sometimes difficult to find a comfortable sleeping position, I'd love to be able to sleep on my back again!

Cravings:  Cold cereal and milk, milkshakes, cheese and crackers - I just noticed that it was a big dairy week.

Other symptoms:  Well - I'm getting bigger so that means more stress on my back and more pressure on my bladder.  It can also feel really uncomfortable at times.  I'm out of breath when I talk and I have terrible pregnancy brain.  Seriously - sometimes I forget what I'm saying mid sentence, I make up words, I use the wrong words, I walk into rooms and forget why...thank God for the notes app on my phone.  I write notes to myself ALL THE TIME.  Oh yea, I'm still having reflux.

Best moments:  She's moving all the time!  My girl gives a few strong movements everyday but most of the time she just wiggles and makes little waves in my stomach.  It's easy to get my fetal kick counts in, especially at night when she doesn't care to settle down.  We went to a cabin in Boone for our mountain babymoon and got snowed in!  Well not really, we could get up and down the mountain if we needed to but we actually saw snow.  Oh it was relaxing, we spent several days reading, watching movies, and cooking together.  R and I had the best time, we brought Lady along and she had a great time alternating between a snowy mountain romp and laying in her fireside bed. The best is yet to come though, we have our 3D ultrasound scheduled for this upcoming week! Our baby shower is this weekend too and the 9 week countdown to our due date begins!

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