Tuesday, January 27, 2015

A morning with our baby girl...

We had our 3D/4D ultrasound this morning and got to spend a few precious minutes looking at our sweet girl in real time.  Unfortunately our appointment was during nugget's naptime and she did not want to be disturbed.  I tried drinking something cold and sweet, I tried laying on my side but the poor thing just looked so put out that we were trying to snap photos of her.

Some stats:

  • She is head down cuddled in the left side of my tummy with her head facing my left hip.
  • She likes to suck on her fingers.
  • She frequently makes faces - pouty lips, sucking faces, sneering, and she sticks her tongue out.
  • My girl likes to ball up - feet pulled into her face and hands in front of her face.
  • At 31w2d, she weighs 3 pounds and 7 ounces.  She is measuring a bit smaller than average, 35th percentile actually but the ultrasound tech told me that everything was normal.  I asked the doctor about it today and he was not alarmed about it.
  • After seeing her today, my guess is that she has my nose (poor child) and R's jawline and lips.
  • Her mommy and daddy think she is really cute.

 It looked like she was waving at us.
In this picture you can see that she is actually laying with her hands folded underneath her which I think is adorable.  I really wish she had been more alert during our session but she was super active from 7am to about 10am and was probably ready for a nap.  My doctor only does the 3D u/s appointments in the middle of the day, so I probably didn't have much of a chance keeping her awake for it.  I'm thrilled that we received so many pictures though and at different times during the appointment we were able to see all her features.

I was torn on whether or not to do it.  The appointment is optional and not covered by insurance but in the end I think it was worth the time and money.  They were able to measure my baby and check my fluids so I know everything is okay.  Also the entire experience is pretty magical!  It will likely be the last time we get to see her before her big debut in just a few weeks.

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