Friday, January 16, 2015

Bumpdate: Week 28

Size of the baby: A Chinese cabbage, about 2.5 pounds and she can open her eyes!

Total weight gain: 17 lbs so far

Maternity Clothes: Yes!  I went to Destination Maternity over the weekend and hit up their Buy 2 Get 1 red line sale especially since I had a savings pass from December.  I bought an Ultimate Support Belt and it's fantastic!  I plan to try it out at work this week to see if I can minimize the strain on my back.  I also bought three tops by Pea in the Pod, a pair of Motherhood bootcut jeans, and a pair of Destination Maternity black slacks for work.  One of the tops is going to be perfect for my maternity shoot!

Gender: Sugar and spice.

Nursery:  The original curtains I purchased didn't work out and but the replacements came this week and I love them!  Three walls are painted, only the accent wall remains and we received our recliner/glider as a gift from R's mom on Saturday.  It's coming together and I'm thrilled!  Next weekend we can get something pretty on the wall and hang our mobile, then R wants to start on the furniture.

Sleep: It takes me a bit longer to get to sleep because she is so active at night.  I've noticed that I'm more tired than I was in the second trimester and this week I needed a nap by Thursday.

What I miss: Nothing really this week, I wish I was able to talk to patients at work without feeling out of breath.

Cravings: Clementines are difficult to find in the dead of Winter so I've been eating more fresh pineapple. I got a hankering for tater tots this week and I'm still enjoying my morning OJ.

Other symptoms: Some slight back pain at the end of the day.  I'm propping my feet up at work but I haven't had any swelling.  In general I've felt okay but feeling "heavier" and sometimes it's hard to move for long periods.

Best moments: I went to my routine OB appt this week, everything is on track and now I'm doing fetal kick counts daily.  I use the Baby Kicks app to keep track, though sometimes she moves so much I don't even have to start the timer. I also set up my 3D ultrasound for the end of the month, it's optional and not covered by insurance but totally worth the splurge to see her little face! I enjoyed a maternity shopping spree this past weekend; I don't usually shop at the mall and even more rare to try on clothes - I'm not much on clothes shopping usually but I loved finding some cute scores on sale.

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