Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Wedding Update: the ups and the downs

9 Fittings.

Roll that around in your head.  Say it out loud. 

Thats how many times I've had to visit the alterations department to get my the bodice of my dress to fit properly.  I'm no where near my wedding, I've still got five months left before the big day.  These were the fittings to get my dress bridal portrait ready.  My left boob was the issue...not my actual boob...just the bodice on the left side - it puckered, it pulled, it was too baggy, there was too much fabric, it was too loose...I don't know how many ways I can describe it.  If I leaned over you could see down my dress and it seemed a little torpedo looking. 

After nine fittings, it looks like the sample.  I'm happy with it and I'm sure that seamstress was happy to see me go.

This week we bought our wedding rings.  We had to special order R's ring so I'm glad he loves it.  Baileys Jewelry had a phenomenal sale so I was able to get my ring and at a great discount...I picked it out a couple months ago and it was the last one they had in that style.

My aunt will not be able to make our wedding cake.  I'm so upset about it, she makes the most fantastic chocolate crisco poundcake but I'm even more upset that my uncle needs surgery on his spine and he will not be able to do anything for six months during recovery. In perspective obviously my uncle's health means more to me although I'm bummed that they will have to miss our wedding.  So we have been researching cake shops in our area and we hope to sign a contract by the end of the month.  The cake I want averages $4 a slice because it's a tiered cake with textured icing and no other complicated designs.  We purchased a topper from Etsy, R is making the stand, and our florist is providing the flowers.

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