Sunday, October 14, 2012

Homecoming Tailgate

This weekend was homecoming at East Carolina and it was a busy couple of days.  We missed freeboot (short for "free booty") on Friday because R was late getting off work and I also missed out on my Kappa Delta events because, frankly, after the week we both had - we were exhausted.  No part of me wanted to get dressed up for a cocktail on Friday night and Saturday morning R had to work and I stayed home to make jalapeno poppers for the tailgate so we definitely missed out on the sorority brunch.  Next year R promised me we would forgo our tailgate in favor of KD activities.  Not all of these photos were mine, some of them were hijacked from my friend Jackie's facebook. 

We crushed Memphis yesterday.  I had a great game experience as well, R's parents were out of town so we were able to use their tickets for the Pirate Club deck.  I'm sitting for my bridal portraits on Thursday and I really didn't want to get sunburned, this way I was able to go in to the box and sit to watch the game. I'm hoping this win will spike moral for our team, attendance for the games hasn't been very good and maybe the second half of our season will improve.

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  1. I am so excited to hear about your bridal portraits!! You will be a beautiful bride!