Saturday, October 6, 2012

The Bachelor Party - A Groom's Tale

***I've never actually had a guest post but I wanted R to share his bachelor party experience on my blog.  He has never blogged before...this should be interesting....***

Hey ladies this is R, April wanted me to do a guest spot on her blog and tell y'all about my bachelor weekend.  I guess you could say this is a little insight about what goes down at some bachelor parties.  My groomsmen and I left for Baltimore Friday morning.  If you have never driven to Baltimore on back roads- it's a real nice drive, you go through some really old beautiful small towns.  When we finally arrived to Baltimore it was about 6:30 and we immediately hit the bar.  We chose Pratt St. Ale House.  They brew their own beer in a brewery under the restaurant, so needless to say, the beer was great.  We knew the old general manager, so the owner opened the bar to us, anything and everything we wanted we could have, and we did.

Saturday morning me and my guys walked around downtown Baltimore.  I wasn't really impressed with the touristy spots, so we went to Little Italy.  There wasn't a tourist in sight, which was nice.  We ate at this awesome little place called Amicci, and I found a new beer called Nati Bo (National Bohemian) it's a local brew up there that everyone raved about.  I'm sure y'all know I'm in charge of the alcohol for our wedding and Nati Bo will be the special beer for the evening.

I know all this sounds normal - but the underlying mission for the weekend was to break on to the roof of the hotel and party up there.  Our hotel was downtown and had a great view of everything, so I had to get up there.  After lunch we went back to the hotel and our mission started.  Two of my groomsmen searched online and tried to find how to break into the lock box that held the keys to the padlock.  We also found out that hotel security is not that hard to crack.  Needless to say we had the code in twenty minutes and were successfully on the roof.  This is a picture of me and two of my guys.

This was the last picture of the night, after this shit kind of hit the fan.  We went to the game which was fun, sadly Boston lost, which i kind of expected.  After the game the guys took me to a strip club.  Some details I will leave out.  I had a funny experience though - one of the guys decided to pull a prank of me.  He was gone most of the night at the club until we are about to leave, when all of a sudden a rather voluptuous dancer at the club comes up to me and grabs my hand and says "COME ON M***** F*****."  Anyway he had told her that I had never been to an exotic dance club, and asked her to be aggressive.  So she takes me back to the private dance room and gives me the worst lap dance ever.  I was frightened.  When I emerged from the back all three of my groomsmen were standing there with the biggest grins on there faces.  And all I could ask was "what the f*ck was that".  We gave the scenario a name and submitted it to urban dictionary. We lost two of the guys at the end of the night but we knew exactly where to meet them... on the roof of the hotel where we finished up the night.

We came home on Sunday, and it was the longest drive home....I felt so dehydrated.  I had a blast the whole weekend but it felt so good to be home.

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