Sunday, October 7, 2012

Pumpkin Patch 2012

We had such a fun weekend!  R and I aren't seeing each other much because we are working some strange hours and we are working in different towns every day.  We have decided to move but we haven't found a house yet so for the next few weeks we are trying to make the most of our limited time together.
Saturday morning we set out with a plan...we wanted to go early this year to pick our pumpkins!  I decided Baby should come with us for some excellent photo opportunities in her new Halloween Costume.  We buy our pumpkins from a local church that sales them on a very busy street corner in town.  Apparently on "opening day" of pumpkin sales pets are welcome to attend a Pet Blessing in the morning.  We actually arrived  about an hour after the pet event ended but the preacher still came over to Baby and said a special blessing that ended with her getting a delicious treat.  It was so sweet!

 Riding in the Car.
 Prettiest pumpkin in the patch.
  I love that she doesn't mind getting dressed up.
 Baby wouldn't focus with me for a photo so this is the best one I have.  
 I love this one ...  Baby knows one trick "shake" and she thinks she should get a snack every time she does it.
We left with three pumpkins!  My choice was the small "warty" one - I kept coming back to it.  R likes big pumpkins with curly stems.  We decided to enter this photo into a Pet-O-Ween contest at a local radio station.  So far I definitely think it's the best starts on October 26 so I may post a request for votes here on my blog :-)

In the afternoon R and I went to a matinee showing of Frankenweenie...I'm a big Tim Burton fan and I've been waiting for this movie for about 10 years.  Oh my gosh the story is so sweet and there were definitely parts that had us teary.  We finished the night with shrimp tacos - a yummy post for another night.

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