Friday, October 19, 2012

Ready for my closeup...

I know y'all have been on pins and needles wanting my "bridal portrait" experience play by play.  I have been looking forward to this for years months. And it just flew by...but not without several mishaps.

Wednesday evening I went for my nail appointment at a local spa and salon.  I chose gel polish because I wanted something that was anti-chip.  During my appointment I asked about their other services and decided I would get my brows waxed their too....

bad idea

I have never had a reaction in my life to any kind of wax or post wax product but whatever she used to wipe down my skin after the wax caused my face to swell and puff immediately.  Oh and it itched like crazy.  After many MANY curse words I found the common sense to go to the pharmacy and pick up benedryl and ointment.

I seriously looked like Quasimodo without the hump for about 2 hours.
I decided take my swollen eyebrows to the tanning salon...logical decision right?  I was prepared to go through with my portrait appointment through hell or high water.  I tried the VersaSpa on a level 1 bronze.  Ahhhh....It looked awesome.  I would like one of these standing pods for Christmas!  My tan is so even and  the perfect shade of "laid up on the Outer Banks all summer".  Be prepared to stand there and freeze though...that mist is cold, I was actually terrified that all my goose bumps would cause a splotchy tan.
For $40 it's a pricey treatment but for a special occasion it's quick and the results are awesome.

The day of my portraits I had a hair appointment at nine.  Mom and I left with plenty of time to get there, except we were stuck in traffic on the interstate for 45 minutes behind a wreck.  The accident wasn't even on our side of the median which is weird but traffic was completely at a stand still so I'm not sure if it was an issue with the emergency vehicles or if people were stopping to see the accident ( I call it rubber-necking). I arrived to the salon LATE which I was not happy about and clearly neither was the stylist but she had blocked off two hours for our appointment and we were done on time even with the late start.  She used Oribe products on my hair and I think I have a new love.  Yay more Christmas wish list items!
After my do'  it was time for makeup, which I was brazen enough to attempt myself.  Not too shabby either. I decided to wear falsies.

Er, not these.
I loved the drama they added, especially to the full length photos that were taken from a distance.  I posed, I smiled, I draped myself over a chair, and I laid on a couch on my belly - - - for two hours.    My photos were taken at the beautiful Oaks at Salem at Apex NC.

Oh my gosh, this bridal suite was beautiful!  I wish I had taken my own photos of her house!

 My face still hurts from all that bright eyed happy smiling.  I don't think I'm all that photogenic honestly, I'm expressive in reality but in photos I seem to have two looks, BIG cheesy grin or totally pissed off.  As soon as I informed the photographer she started looking through the photos and laughed in agreement.  I'll be happy if she can give me one photo that will look great framed above my mama's mantel.  

We left just in time to make a 3 pm cake tasting.  We missed lunch while taking the photos and went into complete sugar coma for about an hour during the tasting.  I found three flavors that I thought would be crowd pleasers and the baker was wonderful to work with.  She loves her job and she is very professional...however we still have to interview two other bakers before we make our decision.  

The last wedding related task for today....I ORDERED MY INVITATIONS!  Holy.............

I still can't believe it.  Ordering the invites was the most nerve-racking experience of my life.  I quadruple checked the wording since I ordered online I didn't have a specialist helping me.  I will get a digital proof before they actually print them so I can have other people check behind me.  I think the one we chose was the perfect blend of elegant but not completely formal.  I also decided against inner envelopes (GASP!) which I know will surprise some on my list, R and I wanted to do a colored envelope liner instead and I'm happy with the decision so far.  Again I thought this added an elegant and surprising touch without the formality.  Blah, this is such wedding talk - I never say this kind of thing in real life.

One last non wedding related update.  I received my invitation to my 10 year high school reunion!  I still can't believe this.  They went with online invitations to help with cost but honestly I love the one they chose through Punchbowl, it wasn't cheesy at all.  The committee set our event for a local winery in mid November and the tickets are reasonable for a night of food, wine, and music  (and bonding with old friends!)  I'm really looking forward to this and I see it as another opportunity to hop into the VersaSpa.

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  1. I'm so glad you posted about your bridal portrait experience because mine are next Thursday and I am super nervous! When I ordered my invitations I seriously had like 5 people proofread them because I was so nervous I misspelled something! Your reunion sounds fun and non-cheesy like I'm sure mine is going to be in January..