Thursday, October 11, 2012

Halloween 2012 pumpkin

So I had plans for my "warty" pumpkin this year that did not include carving it.  I wanted to try the melted crayon idea that was so popular last year.  I saw this on several blogs and all over pinterest last fall so I don't know who to credit the idea to.  I purchased crayons from the dollar spot at Target and the whole project took R and I about 45 minutes. 
 R and I alternated with the lighter.  First we had to peel all the paper off the crayons and then hold the crayon at an angle and let it drip on the pumpkin. 
 Super easy but the effect is so pretty!
 Our finished product:
  I love that this pumpkin can be decorated at the beginning of the month and last for a few weeks.  We will carve R's pumpkin but probably not until the night before Halloween.

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