Saturday, October 27, 2012

The date, the time, the writing

My invitations are in!!!!  I ordered the Elegant Arbor from Wedding Paper Divas and I couldn't be more excited.   Just a side note about me and much as I love to look at stationary it wasn't an item that I wanted to spend a large percentage of my wedding budget on.  I'm so excited that I found a thermography print suite that I loved at such a reasonable cost...and I love the paper quality!

I was wowed by the pretty packaging!

Invitation and response card.

I love that we decided to do an envelope liner instead of an inner envelope.  R thought the idea of having two envelopes was silly (even though it is standard procedure).  The shimmer gray liner makes the shimmer charcoal print stand pop off the paper.  Oh and the tissue they's not's ecru!  I know it's such a small detail but I got such a kick out of it!  R was a little lost with all the girly squealing but I've thought long and hard about my took forever to make a final decision.

Sorry about the poor lighting in the photos.  The best lighting I found was in my mom's porch - Hurricane Sandy has dampened my weekend in more ways than one.  It's been cloudy and wet all day  - R and I are prepared to weather the storm inside tomorrow if we have to but we had planned to meet with the preacher for our first pre-marriage counseling session.  I'm still hoping tomorrow evening it will be safe enough to venture out.  We completed our "relationship assessment" online last Friday and I'm really curious to know the results!


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