Thursday, October 25, 2012

Currently, I Am...

(post was inspired by Katie at Keep Calm and Carry On - because it looked like so much fun!)

Reading: Midnight in the Garden of Good Evil...ever since we chatted about Savannah as a possible honeymoon destination I've wanted to read this book.  I've seen the movie so I'm familiar with the story but in most cases the book is better than the movie.

Watching: Criminal Minds, an episode from the DVR- I'm such an addict.  I'm convinced that I'm getting an education when I watch these crime dramas and law shows.  I consider myself a professional at pointing out behaviors in psycho serial killers.

Thinking About:  My bridal portraits.  My photographer posted them on her website a couple of nights ago (password protected of course so R can't see).  My mom loves them so much she is buying the disk with all the photos but I have to choose one to hang as my actual portrait.  There are several good ones (and many great ones that don't necessarily show all the details of my dress) and I'm having trouble deciding.

Loving: My fiance :-)  I'm also really loving fall - the weather is perfect to spend time outside.  Spending time inside isn't so bad either, curling up under a blanket in the evening.  There are so many things I'm loving - pumpkin lattes, pumpkin and apple scented candles, pie, soup, boots, and scarves

Looking Forward To:  R has been wanting to use the fire pit and these cool nights are perfect for it.  He also obtained some deer meat that we may use for spaghetti or quiche this upcoming weekend.  We also have a blackout game against Navy this weekend.

Wondering:  If we will ever make a decision where to go for our honeymoon.

Cooking / Baking:  None for now.  I've been craving apple pie and I might make a small crumble for myself since R doesn't like cooked apples.  My mom bought a slice of pumpkin jelly roll recently for us to share and it was delicious!

Disliking:  The long line at the early voting poll.  But at least it's over with and I can say I've voted!

Making Me Happy:  The upcoming holidays - I love Thanksgiving for the food and family and then I love to come home and decorate for Christmas!  I've already started purchasing some gifts and making holiday plans with R.  Next month will be a little stressful with moving and premarriage counseling so I'm really excited to have something to look forward to.

Wishing You:  a blessed evening!

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