Sunday, October 21, 2012

Fun at the Fair

R and I usually go to the fair on "hunger relief day" when cost of admission is a bag of canned goods but unfortunately this year that day conflicted with my bridal portraits.  We decided to go on the last Saturday of fair week - - - one of THE most crowded days.  We waited in a long line on the interstate to get to the fairgrounds but didn't have an issue finding a park.  It's no secret that I love the state fair and I've only ever missed a year if absolutely necessary....
 My favorite section of the fair is the Village of Yesteryear.  I love seeing the bread baking demonstrations, antique farm equipment, and crafting.  This exhibit was just outside of the blacksmiths stand.
 R and I enjoyed the forrestry and soil and water conservation exhibits.  They had it open this year to walk out into the water for photos.
 This looks like one of the trees from The Lord of the Rings movies...I loved it!  The guy was standing on stilts and his suit actually felt like tree bark.  We were fooled at first thinking it was a real tree from a distance.
 I love the Got to Be NC Agriculture stands.  Every year the local farmers show their best crops, largest melons and gourds, and bring their best livestock for judging.  I'm a farm girl at heart and I think I'm lucky that my state has such an extensive appreciation for local agriculture and craftsmanship.
 Oh and the food!  I had the MOST delicious authentic gyro tonight.  We also samples local companies goods to our hearts content...I tried the new product from Pepsi (Next), several new BBQ sauces and dips, local honey, jams, and some annual treats like House Autry hushpuppies.  We walked away with a couple of samples of poultry and pork breader, 2 bottles of Zing hots sauce, and a stack of coupons for new products.  I also purchased chocolate peanut butter fudge for myself and maple cotton candy for R.

We were so tired once we drove home we both collapsed on the couch for several hours and watched a Halloween classic...
LOVE!  I also learned abc family will be showing several of my favorite spooky movies on their 13 nights of halloween series.  Many of them I own because Tim Burton directed them but I'd never say no to Beetlejuice or Edward Scissorhands on TV.

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